Arkiv för januari, 2015


get back to reading

I use to read a lot than adult life happened well at least working 100% and studying 100%. Somewhere there I did lost most of my hunger for reading. So for the last couple of years I’ve been mostly reading intensive just while travelling. To Tanzania I brought with me four book and got the fifth one over there. So you see it is matter of time but well, not only. Since my 2015 started with staying home in bed for almost a week and it was all about not getting scratched to death, having my mind occupied with something else was actually helping. In NYC I got myself a book I heard about quite a lot – yet I was not convinced it was actually something worth reading:


OK, this is not a book of a Nobel prize winner so if you’re into some deep reading – that’s not the one to go for. This book will take you an hour to read – cover to cover. BUT damn it’s funny! It’s been while ago I laughed loudly over a book. So if you do enjoy spending a spring weekend in Paris with a promenade plantée  stroll, sipping wine every now and then and still running to the next gallery with your last shopping catch under your arm – read it. With a glas of bubbles close to you.



(A link to an article about one of the authors, Carolinede Maigret:


I do not do …

… New Years resolutions. Nope, definitely not. It’s simply not my cup of tea and maybe it’s also because I believe that every simple day can be a beginning of something new or a chance to create new chances. But this little blue box has been starring at me since NYC homecoming and it’s really what’s inside that make is special.



So let’s call it an optimistic 2015 project. This perfect blue little thing won’t be a place to write down meetings, holidays or birthdays. No. It will be a place of 353 (I missed first twelve) optimistic thoughts or memories. Every day I’m gonna write down one thing. Just few words. But positive ones, things which happened, or in other way made me happy.

So that’s this week list:









thank you and good bye 2014

Since it’s more than ages ago I actually did post anything here, I’m not gonna even try to catch up or … well you know what I mean. Maybe. Well anyway it’s just recently I got the feeling again to start writing & posting again… Some snaphots from quite great 2014 and as before, it’s all about get away moments:


Early spring at Kållandsö


tuff tuff train in Warszawa


London moments

New York

New York summer


chillaxing De Luxe in Österlen


sunrise over Serengeti


❤ Zanzibar


kicking off the autumn in Bornholm


NYC – here we go again!

NO flight tickets booked for 2015 yet?! How can it be possible? Oh no worries it’s gonna get better soon!