Arkiv för november, 2013



I’m back in Skåne after a great weekend in Stockholm with my darlings. It was just great, exactly what I needed to charge my batteries. It’s just crazy that tomorrow is already Friday and next weekend awaiting.

As it’s #tbt today so let me continue guiding you thru Portugal, this time: Coimbra!



pastel de nata & coffee

Coimbra gave us a hot welcoming, and I mean really hot for being Europe. +34 in the shadow in late afternoon it’s not really my cup of tea while discovering a city. We planned staying in Coimbra for just one night so there was no time waste and despite the weather we really tried to at least have a glimpse of the city. Once in Coimbra you have to dine at A Cozinha da Maria – chilled green wine, handsome waiters and amazing food. Coimbra and fado are like old married couple so we surely couldn’t leave without listening to some which we did at A Capella. I’m quite sure that there are many other places in Coimbra where you can listen to fado and which are a bit less touristic but we actually did not do any research before and A Capella was just fine for the fist live date with fado.

Is Coimbra the must once in Portugal? Perhaps, somehow I did expect more but still the old part of town is a charming place. Would I stay longer? Maybe or maybe not.  I think it was enough with almost two days.




After our three days in Sintra we took off to Tomar which is not really any touristic place, well except the convent. I suppose that those who visit the Convent stays just for a day or half but we actually slept over. Since the weather resembled more summer days in Middle East than Europe the pool was our first stop. And there we stayed for the whole afternoon. Tomar is a slow-going sleepy town. On Sunday we first visited the convent and after that placed ourselves with some coffee & cold drinks on a square just outside the church of São João Baptista to watch mass participants mingle afterwords.

streets of Tomar


convent of christ



Instead of writing the last words of my thesis, I’m dreaming about new destination. Very far away. With sun, blue sky, no thesis, no work.

view from Casa do Valle

Palacio da Pena

gardens of palacio da pena

Few pic from lovely Sintra where our late summer holidays started, ten days roadtrip in Portugal. Sintra with Playa da Adraga, Cabo da Roca, all the gardens and castles was just perfect. We stayed at Casa Do Valle, B&B owned by Virpi and her family. We felt so welcomed from very first moment. I could really imagine myself spending whole holidays just in the hammock by the pool. But nope, so much adventure was awaiting us! So after hardly three days we & our Panda hit the road again!