day off

It’s nor really that I expected Malmö to pamper me with great weather on my day off, but still… THIS?! I had big plans of having a long walk & enjoying a really long coffee break at a nearby cafè but pls not in this weather! I managed hardly to get to Marimekko store, which by the way I have to start visiting much more often, snd back.  I found the cutiest dress ever for my lovely goddaughter!

I can’t imagine that the autumn term is almost over. It’s just one assignment which keeps me apart from the spring term. Yesterday I completed the other course – Evalutions and knowledge production in social work – so happy that my final paper turned out well. So just kepp the fingers crossed for my final paper in the other course! It’s submitted and the doomsday is coming! It’s so hard to realize that yes, I’m almost there and I can prove those who said it’s impossible wrong.

Oh wait I have to run – sun is out!


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