rollercoaster drive

A while ago a person reminded me that life is like a rollercoaster and I can agree with it to some extend, but no, in the end I don’t believe that we’re just trevellers. Of course things happens and if they do, well, maybe for a reason. Both upps and downs are needed in our lives I believe, simply to appreciate live.

Yesterday I gave myself a day off as a gift. It might have started so so, I felt like I had to do something special to really enjoy it. I had no plans for a day and  decided to leave it like this. To my own surprise the day turned our great. Nope I didn’t win on a lottery… But I had time to think. I sat in the sun and enjoyed my fika with Llosas book in my hands. I took Viktor for a quick dinner & loved spending time with him. Those moments counts, they are real.

I believe in faith but more in chances we create!


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